Wit & Wisdom

Your planet needs tweaking.


Who we are

Wit and Wisdom: films & animations for environmental & social change.

Driven by a sense of justice, born aloft by a sense of wonder and armed with a sense of humour,
we create work that smokes out problems and lights the fuse to their solutions.

Wit & Wisdom is a network of talent built by two passionate and rather approachable people.
Daniel Bird is a writer and director; Jaroslav Mrázek an illustrator and animator.
Around us are artists of production, illustration, audio & other technologies.

If there’s a story to tell that will improve the world, we’ll spell it out frame by frame.
Progressive companies such as Ben & Jerry’s; power-campaigners such as Greenpeace;
NGOs dealing with issues from corruption to oceans: we’ve successfully raised the alarm time & time over.

Come to us.

Your planet needs tweaking.

Daniel Bird

Jaroslav Mrázek


Our clients

We are not worthy.


What we’ve done

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How to find us

Wit & Wisdom s.r.o.

Company director:
Magdaléna Bird

Company address:
Na Kocínce 1740/8, 160 00 Praha 6, CZ

Postal address:
Fetrovská 849/1, 16000 Praha 6, CZ

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Tel: +420 603 895 930
Email: info@witandwisdom.tv